Acne Cystic Natural Treatment Options

There are several natural cures for cystic acne. Herbal remedies are commonly used either by themselves or in conjunction with prescription medications.

Doctors often recommend a course of action involving both to start with, and then reducing to a maintenance program of natural treatment alone after the initial outbreak has been brought under control.

When looking for an acne cure, cystic natural treatments are most effective when they contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is derived from willow bark and is present in many herbal and over the counter creams and gels.

Salicylic acid will reduce the amount of oil collecting in the skins pores. It also helps slough away dead skin cells.

Common natural cystic acne treatments often contain vitamin A. Vitamin A has natural healing effects and may be taken orally in a pill or capsule form.

Capsules are a convenient way to supplement your acne treatment during the day, when topical treatments may not be desirable.

Acnezine is an herbal supplement that also comes in pill form. This supplement is fast gaining popularity. Acnezine consists of several vitamin and herbal combinations that will aid healing and reduce bacterial infection.

There are many options available to sufferers of cystic acne. Natural treatments abound but make sure the side effects are not worse than the cure. Even herbal remedies can cause various health problems.

Planning your course of treatment under the supervision of a doctor is always a good idea.

Your doctor may want you to consider medical intervention. However, with a little trial and error you can find an Acne Cystic Natural Treatment.