Acne Antibiotic Treatment

Is an acne antibiotic treatment the best option for you?

Of the many available acne treatments antibiotic medications may prove the most effective. These may be prescribed in either an oral or topical form.

Antibiotic treatment for acne helps control an excess of normal skin bacteria that has collected around the hair follicle.

This bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes, feeds on sebum, which is a natural product of the body that keeps the skin and hair moisturized.

During puberty or pregnancy hormones can cause an excess of sebum in some people providing more food for the multiplying bacteria.

White blood cells then produce enzymes in an effort to fight off the excess bacteria. This damages the follicle wall worsening the condition.

Oral Antibiotic Treatment For Acne

For sufferers of acute acne antibiotic treatment is often the fastest way to relieve the symptoms. But it may take some experimenting with type and dosage to reach the correct acne solution for each individual.

There are several types of antibiotic treatment acne sufferers can try.

The most common are tetracycline and erythromycin. Both are oral antibiotic acne treatments. The main difference being that tetracycline must be taken on an empty stomach while erythromycin should be taken with food.

Erythromycin is becoming the preferred prescribed acne treatment antibiotic, as it is safe for pregnant women and younger patients.

Oral acne antibiotic treatments are generally taken twice daily. Treatment usually starts with a high dosage to reduce infection and then continues at a lower dosage until the problem is controlled.

Topical Antibiotic Acne Treatment

Topical acne antibiotic treatment is typically not as effective but can be used if the oral versions are found to cause too many side effects.

The most common topical treatments also include tetracycline and erythromycin. Topical acne antibiotic treatments come in the form of a lotion, gel or cream and are applied several times a day.

Different stages or types of acne respond to varying types of treatment so finding the proper antibiotic and dosage may take some time.

There are possible side effects associated with both topical and oral acne medication.

Yeast infections are possible in women who take any oral antibiotic. Consulting in depth with a physician is the best way to choose the most effective medication.

For many sufferers of acne, however, the best acne treatment option could be an acne antibiotic treatment.