Acne Type Determines the Best Natural Acne Remedy

Determining acne type is the first step in choosing the types of acne treatment

When looking for a natural acne remedy it helps to know the type of acne you have so you can target your specific problem.

There are many types of acne and some can be very serious. Any type of acne can be difficult to cope with. However the most common acne is considered to be minor.

Among The Most Common Types of Acne is Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is probably the most common type of acne and it's referred to simply as acne. It's a chronic inflammatory condition and affects 85 percent of teens and young adults.

Even though it's often dismissed as a minor affliction associated with growing up it can be devastating to young teenagers. Adolescence is a time of social and emotional development and an acne breakout could lead to stress and social anxiety.

The distribution of the lesions is in the areas of well-developed sebaceous glands. Those areas are the face, back, chest and upper arms. Unlike some other conditions acne vulgaris sticks right out there for everyone to see.

Fortunately it responds well to a natural acne remedy.

Acne Rosacea

Rosacea and acne are two entirely different conditions. However, over 75% of people that has rosacea also have acne. When acne and rosacea appear together the result is often called acne rosacea.

Adult Acne

Acne is usually associated with teens but adult acne is really quite common. It affects almost 50% of the population and is more common in women than in men. An acne occurrence can come to people in their 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond.

As in many types of acne, adult acne is thought to be the result of a hormone imbalance. However pollutants, stress and reactions to medications of different types can bring it about.

Adult acne can cause social anxiety and depression in an adult the same as in an adolescent.

The above list represents the most common acne types. However there are other different types of acne. Acne types that are less common are listed below.

Acne Congoblata is a different type of acne that causes severe acne scarring on the back and face. Hereditary factors are usually considered the cause and unfortunately there's not much you can do about your genes.

Acne Neonatorium is also commonly known as baby acne. It is caused by the transfer of hormones from mother to child, which stimulates the secretion of sebum in baby skin.

Acne Keloidalis is generally found among people of African stock. Most of the eruption in this kind of acne is concentrated around the neck.

Acne Fulminans mostly affects males and can erupt suddenly. It's a serious form of acne that is accompanied by fever and body ache. Other symptoms of this kind of acne include a high white blood cell count, as well as loss of appetite and deep scarring.

The above types of acne can respond to the different types of acne treatment. There are various types of acne that respond simply by a lifestyle change. People with acne prone skin types should pay attention to this list.

Acne Mallorca is the result of too much exposure to the sun.

Acne Cosmetic is exactly as the name suggests. It is an acne type that is brought about by an adverse reaction to cosmetics.

Acne Detergens is another acne type that is evident from the name. It is caused by the irritant effect of soaps and cleansers on the skin.

Acne Excoriee is the direct result of acne sufferers picking at the acne pimples.

Acne mechanica is caused by friction between different materials such as clothing and bag straps on the bare skin.

Acne Medicametosa occurs as a side effect of some medications. Medications that contain potassium bromide, chlorine or potassium iodide are thought to bring about the side effects. Oral contraceptives are also a common cause.

Acne Pomade is so called because oils found in hair care products bring it about. The oil is transferred from the hair to the forehead, where it ultimately irritates the skin and clogs pores, causing acne pomade to develop.

There you have the various type of acne. The different acne types should determine the types of acne treatments. In most cases there is a natural acne remedy for your acne type.