The Cause of Pimples

Exactly what is the cause of Pimples?

What causes pimples is not clear but it could be several things. The formation of pimples can be explained but unfortunately the exact pimples causes are not clear. Why do some people get them and not others?

Hormones Cause Pimples

Hormonal changes can cause pimples. This fact explains why young people going through puberty have a big problem with acne.

This is also a problem of young women during pregnancy because they are also going through hormonal changes.

During teen years there is an excess of hormones that cause the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. That oil is trapped in skin pores or hair follicles and a pimple is formed. Why all pores don't develop a pimple is not known.

Does Heredity Cause Pimples?

Heredity could certainly be a cause of pimples. I don't know if it's been scientifically proven or not but it's a well know fact that if Mom or Dad had pimple problems their children are likely to also.

It is also known that the sebaceous glands, which secrete oil that form pimples, are different sizes in different people. That is most probably an inherited thing.

Other Pimples Causes

A poor diet is the cause of many health problems and acne could well be one of them. Teens typically live on a fast food diet and even though that alone might not cause pimples it certainly doesn't help.

Does Chocolate Cause Pimples?

Chocolate has been blamed for pimples causes for a long time. However there is not scientific evidence to back up that claim. Chocolate could possibly be what causes pimples in some people.

A proper diet that includes lots of water could well prevent acne flare-ups.

Allergies (including food allergies) could also be a culprit as could stress and poor hygiene.

Like I said earlier there is probably not a single factor that causes pimples. Whatever the cause of your acne a natural acne remedy could be the cure.

Pimples causes are more than likely a combination of things. However, genetics and hormones are certainly at the top of the list of things that are the Cause of Pimples.