Birth Control Acne Prevention

Is an acne antibiotic treatment the best option for you?

Most cases of female acne are caused by hormone imbalances. Fortunately, birth control pills now offer one stop shopping.

You get contraception plus an acne fighter in one easy-to-pop step.

Acne is often completely cured!

If you are new to oral contraceptives the elimination of acne may come as a pleasant surprise. The fact is that the hormonal imbalance that causes acne is corrected by taking birth control pills.

Before starting to take a birth control pill acne should be identified by strain to ensure the correct method is being followed.

Acne vulgaris is treatable with hormones and this is one of the most common types of acne cured by taking oral contraceptives.

Your gynecologist and dermatologist can work with you to find you the acne birth control help that suits your particular needs.

Low dosage pills have proven safer than high dosage prescriptions and are often still completely effective against acne.

If you decide to combine birth control and acne treatment in one medication you will need to be religious about taking your pills. You might not be too worried about a zit or two, but getting pregnant might be a little more cause for concern!

Ask your doctor about birth control acne prevention.